When the enemy is within, why should one fight an external war….?

Attraction and repulsion lie within the senses and their pleasures.
One should not be dominated by them
because they are formidable enemies on the way
that leads to good and liberation from action;
they ravish the seeker’s worshipful attitude.

When the enemy is within, why should one fight an external war?
The enemy is in league with the senses and their objects-
within the mind.
So the war of the Bhagavad Gita is an internal war.
The human heart is the field on which there are marshalled
the divine and devilish impulses – the forces of knowledge and ignorance, the two aspects of illusion.

To overcome these negative forces,
to destroy the devilish by fostering divine impulses, is real war.
But when the unrighteous forces are annihilated,
the utility of righteous impulses also comes to an end.

After the Self is united with God,
pious impulses too are dissolved and merge with him.
To overcome nature thus is a war that can be fought
only in a state of contemplation.
Destruction of feelings of attachment and aversion takes time.
Many seekers, therefore, forsake meditation
suddenly take to imitating some accomplished sage.

~ Revered Swami Adgadanand Paramhans~

Om 30

“Humble Wishes”

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