“Fearlessly I will praise you.O’God,you the one without any attributes”….sings the great sage Kabir…!!!

Nirbhay Nirgun Gun Re Gaunga
Mul kamal drudh asan bandhuji, ulati pavan chdhaunga
Man mamata ko thir kar launji, pancho tatva milaunga
Ingala, pingala, sukhaman nadiji, tiraveni par ho nhaunga
Panch pachiso pakad mangaunji, ek hi dor lagaunga
Shunya shikhar par anahad bajeji, rag chhattis sunaunga
Kahat Kabira suno bhai sadhoji, jit nishan dhuraunga…..!!!


Fearlessly I Will Sing the Attributes of the One without Attributes 

Using the Base Lotus as the Steady Seat
I Will Make the Wind Rise in Reverse
Steadying the Mind’s Attachments
I Will Unify the Five Elements
Ingila, Pingala and Sukhman are the Channels
I Will Bathe at the Confluence of the Three Rivers
The Five and Twenty Five I Will Master by my Wish
And String them Together by One Common Thread
At the Summit of Aloneness the Un-struck Anahad Sound Reverberates
I Will Play the Thirty-Six Different Symphonies
Says Kabir Listen Oh Practicing Aspirant
I Will Wave the Flag of Victory

Revered sage Kabir sings the summit of nothingness.
The feat of reaching the summit of creation is celebrated
the waving of a flag of victory and sounds of a myriad of rhythmic symphonies coming from
the eternal un-struck sound that brings forth the entire creation itself.
A great realization
“Path of Self Realization”  

Humble Wishes!!!

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