Happy New Year…!!!

Good bye departing year…..Good bye.

I thank you because of the lessons you taught me
which caused for experiencing
the different layers of pleasure and pain
learning the secrets of divine games.

Ah, how interesting it was just to be
remain as a simple eye witness of all that
which were well destined to happen
had happened by all means instead of my all possible positive and honest efforts
to fight against it’s attacking impulses. 

You taught me how it was useless to be more enthusiastic,
excessive desirous and then to suffer the impact of so many material wishes at a time
because of living the hardships of life with fake and delusive impressions.

I am really grateful to you……..really too much grateful to you.

You will handover your time relay flag to coming New Year within couple of hours
to continue this divine marathon race as usual……no one can change this eternal divine rule.

So let me plan to welcome the coming year with all my best efforts.

But I very sincerely pray to you to handover me to the coming New Year
with the instructions to keep me always only as a simple and most humble servant
in lotus feet of God now, onward and forever.

Let me say again with a very heavy heart in my hands……..
Good bye departing year…..
Good bye.

Remembering none except God and restraining the mind
from having any thought that is not of him,
firm devotion, incessant meditation and recital with humble reverence,
and a total absorption of the Soul in him, are the prerequisites for the celebration of present moments
realizing the immutable, eternal Supreme Spirit
with timeless and beginning less singing as the silent sound of AUM ……!!!!


May God bless to all my near and dears
a new beginning full of abundant eternal pleasure,
bliss, joy of being, peace within, light, love,
grand success in the coming year 2020.

With a warm welcome to coming New Year.

Humble Wishes!!!

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