Is not this that really you are too stressed and a little bit tired….?

O’ Revered Charioteer,
probably it was your inspiration oscilliating in my mind
after such a long, very very long journey on divine path in your shadow,
just to dare to ask something to heal my divine pain
with a very high level of heartfelt curiosity.

Journey is going on, will go on and go on….,
I have no complaints nor have any wish to pretend at any stage.

What is left behind, is already left,
what is existing is almost of zero value in my mind.
No problems, as I have accepted all that as excellency of my divine journey.
Let this chain be continued onward by your strength,
yes strength which never I had of my own clearly visible to me now.

Since almost nothing is with me,
what I have to do now except simply sitting on your chariot
to obey your divine instructions
to combat the own battle
with my level best efforts.

I know now, journey is rough and tough,
beyond measurement of time, let this be, never mind.
I know, it is not exceptionally only for me
to get heavily burdened with undue troubles
but demand of the path,
which has to be fulfilled at every cost.

What I feel is just simply not to be so ungrateful
ask from you in very humble notes,
ignoring all the impulses creeping in my own mind,
you have been accompanying with me since beginning,
sitting as a chairioteer all along,
with so caring, highly attentive, full of affection and wonderful initiative,
day and night, night and day, 
uninterrupted and spontaneously,
but have never relaxed for a single moment.

Is not this that really you are too stressed and a little bit tired?

I can delay my journey, no hurry…no worry,
But have no wish to be so selfish,
and that is why my divine pain is just to know:

Is not this that really you are too stressed and a little bit tired?

Humble Wishes.


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