Journey of the Soul…!!!

Soul can be damned as well as saved.

To the man who has conquered his mind and senses,
his Self is a friend who brings the ultimate good.

But to the man who has failed to restrain his mind and senses,
the same Self is an enemy
his malicious conduct causes griefs.

It is, therefore, an obligation, a sacred trust,
men act to uplift their Soul rather than degrade him.

The restrained mind of a yogi can be compared
the steady flame of a lamp in a place
where there is no wind.

Progressing even further than this,
the climax-the stage of ultimate bliss-
reached when even the perfectly restrained mind is dissolved.

The eternal joy which is free from all worldly attachment

Yog is that which unites one with this state.

[Revered Gurudev Swami Adgadanand JI Paramhans]


Humble Wishes!!!

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3 Responses to Journey of the Soul…!!!

  1. Wayne Burger says:

    …Namaste…I Am Deeply…Humbly…Humbly…Grateful…Timeous…In…Every…Sense…One love…

  2. Universal Spirituality says:

    “The Creator of all life has given you a deeper mind,
    The mind that knows, the mind that is without fear, the mind that is clear and compassionate,
    A mind that is unwavering to its commitment to the truth …
    And to the fulfillment of the mission that has brought you into the world.

    This mind is called Knowledge.
    It resides beyond the realm and the reach of your intellect,
    In a deeper, more sacred part of you.

    May the power of this Knowledge bless and guide you.
    May it correct you when it is necessary to do so.
    And may it reveal to you over time
    The true nature of your purpose in being in the world at this time
    And the greater strength that you carry
    And the gifts that you have brought into the world
    In service to the world
    Gifts that are meant to be given in certain places in concert with certain people.

    May you have the strength to take the Steps to Knowledge
    To learn of the mystery and the power of your life
    And the greater meaning that has brought you here at this time
    To face a world undergoing tremendous change.

    May Knowledge be your guide and counsel
    And may it take you to a greater participation in life,
    A participation beyond your goals and estimation
    For that is its purpose and its destiny.

    And may you find the strength and the determination to take the Steps to Knowledge.
    May you have the strength to follow this—
    Following this without answers, without explanations,
    Following this because you know you must follow this.
    Here the intellect must follow but cannot lead,
    For it is entering territory that is beyond its realm and its reach.

    May you have the power and the strength to do this.
    May you have the courage to take this greater journey,
    The journey of the Power of Spirit,
    The journey that you were destined to take,
    That you were sent into the world to take.

    May the power and the presence of Knowledge bring clarity to your life
    And may it open doors before you that you did not even know existed.
    And may it give you the strength to proceed when you are unsure and full of doubt.

    The Power and the Presence is with you.
    And it is time for you to be with it.
    Take the Journey of the Power of Spirit

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