“Kutasth Chitta” is Chitrakoot…..!!!

चित्रकूट के घाट पर भई संतन की भीर
तुलसीदास चंदन घिसे तिलक करे रघुबीर
– तुलसीदास

“Kutasth Chitta” is Chitrakoot.

Mind,Intellect,Thought and ego ..these are components of our subtle body.

When our thought screen gets properly hammered
the sacred impulses
of intoning the name of Beloved God,
this subtle component gets transformed as “Chitrakoot”.

We get spiritually elevated
surrounded by elevated souls near by round the clock..

You yourself prepare a devotional paste
smelling like fragrances of cool temper Sandal
God HIMSELF blesses you
pasting the same on your forehead with HIS superb grace.

 Most sacred impulses of spiritual path
which may be sensed
while traversing upon
the“Path of Self Realization.”

Humble Wishes!!!


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