“Meditate. Meditate. Meditate… Ah ! Meditate….!!!”

With the acquisition of the capacity of perceiving
non-action in action,
the man who is engaged in action……..
into a doer of perfect action
in which
there is not even the slightest flaw.

Restraint of desire and will is a victory of the mind……!!!

Worshiping of God is something
elevates the mind above desire and will.

A well-commenced worshiping
gradually becomes so refined
sublimated that it takes the mind
above will as well as irresolution
and then…………,
with the burning out of even the last desire
which he does not know….
which he was previously eager to know,
the worshiper is blessed with direct perception of God………!

Ah !

Om 1
This is the path
from the
“Path of Self Realization.”

Bow down in lotus feet of most revered Gurudev
for such learnings to me.

Humble Wishes!!!

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