Ultimate bliss is granted………!!!


Lord Krishn sings in Bhagavad Gita:

“O Arjun,
a man of great penance,
a worshiper can know this form of mine directly,
acquire its essence,
and even become one with it
by a total and unswerving dedication.”


The one way to attain to Supreme Spirit is perfect intentness,
the state in which a worshiper remembers nothing
besides the adored goal.

Even knowledge is finally transformed into total devotion.
By single minded devotion worshipers can not only see God,
but also realize him directly and become one with him.

Arjun is the name
such a wholly dedicated worshiper: the name of a state of mind
heart rather than of a person.
All-absorbing love itself is Arjun.

Ultimate bliss is granted...!!!

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