“What helpful advice can you prescribe for our forum aspirants so that they can stay in such a state? In other words: “What may bring about the arising of the ”Longing“?”

A heart touching and very practical question from dear blessed soul Rajendra Hardial jee from Toronto, Ontario.

In first phase, we have We have taken up what this stage of “Stitha Prajna” is and what are the attributes of a steady minded sage? And now in second phase, we will take up: “What helpful advice can you prescribe for our forum aspirants so that they can stay in such a state? In other words: “What may bring about the arising of the ”Longing?” Number of spans of our life are even too short to share this subject but we can certainly find some way outs as preached by our enlightened SAGES AND SCRIPTURES.

Lord Ram has preached the great devotee Shabari in Ramcharit Manas:

The first step to devotion (Bhakti) is to keep company of the saints (Satsang).

That what Bhagavad Gita confirms also:

Obtain that knowledge (from sages) through reverence,
inquiry and innocent solicitation, and the sages who are aware of reality will initiate you into it.”

Seeker is advised to approach seers with reverence, self-surrender, and humility, to be instructed in true knowledge through devoted service and guileless curiosity. These seers will enlighten him on it. The ability to acquire this knowledge comes only with a wholly dedicated service. They are seers who enable us to have direct perception of God. They know the mode of yagya and they will teach it to seeker.

It’s total grace of God to find a TRUE sage. Without accumulation of righteous impulses, one can never get association and blessings of an enlightened sage.The most sacred earning of spiritual life is to take refuge in accomplished sage and to serve such totally accomplished sages with selfless motive.To approach really enlightened seers with reverence, self-surrender, and humility, to be instructed in true knowledge through devoted service and guileless curiosity must be on the top priority.

Sage Nanak jee sings:

“Meeting the True Guru, the wandering mind is held steady; it comes to abide in its own home. It purchases the Naam, chants the Naam, and remains absorbed in the Naam………”

Bow down in lotus feet of revered Nanak Gurudeo ji….!!!!

In “Vivekachudamani”, it is said:

“Among the means and conditions necessary for liberation,
bhakti alone is supreme. A constant contemplation of one’s own Real Nature is called devotion.”

Bow down in lotus feet of Revered Adi Shankara jee….!!!!

Nārada Bhakti Sūtra onwards enlightens us on Bhakti:

Revered Sage Nārada, says that bhakti consists of surrendering all strivings-to-become unto That (Self, Pure Beingness),forgetting Which one is subject to extreme distress. Revered Nārada gave three definitions of bhakti, according to three sages, namely Parashara, Garga and Shandilya:

(1) delighting in divine worship – pūjādiṣhu anurāga iti pārāśaryaḥ,
(2) delighting in divine stories – kathādiṣhu iti gargaḥ,
(3) removing all obstacles to reveling in Self –ātma-raty-avirodhena iti śāṇḍilyaḥ.

To become the very embodiment of devotion as a wayfarer on the path of spiritual quest is the prime necessity. It is seeker’s love for God that inspires to get ready for the war between matter and spirit. The initial stage is thus of love, adoration.

Bow down in lotus feet of Revered Sage Narada Jee.

Revered Gurudev Swami Adgadanand jee uses to teach by repeating the teaching of Revered Sage Parmanand Jee, who was HIS GURU:

Believe that adoration of the Supreme Spirit has commenced when, even while one is leading the life of a householder, there are signs of weariness and tears, and sentiment so powerful that it chokes the throat.” Manifold strands are entwined in love: of dharm, precept, restraint, pious association, and sentiment.

Bow down in lotus feet of most Revered Parmanand Jee Paramhans.

And says revered sage Ramakrishna:

“….I tell you the truth: there is nothing wrong in your being in the world. But you must direct your mind toward God; otherwise you will not succeed.Do your duty with one hand and with the other hold to God. After the duty is over you will hold to God with both hands…”

Bow down in lotus feet of Revered Rama Krishna Paramhans jee.

And finally sings Yogeshwar Krishna in Bhagavad Gita.

“For I am the one in which the eternal God, immortal life, the imperishable dharm, and the ultimate bliss all (abide).’’

Sri Krishn is the dwelling of immortal God (through a single-minded access to whom the seeker is cured of all worldly maladies), of everlasting life, of eternal Dharm, and of the unblemished pure joy of attaining to the Supreme goal. In other words, a God-oriented saint is the abode of all this bliss. Such a sage was Sri Krishn-a Yogi.So if we are seeking for the ineffable, indestructible God, the eternal Dharm, and the pure, ultimate bliss, we have to take refuge in some great Soul that dwells in the incommunicable essence. Only such a sage can enable a devotee to achieve what he is questing for.

HE adds:

“Propelling all living things that bestride a body-which is but a contrivance-by his maya, O Arjun, God abides in the hearts of all beings.’’

But if God lives in our hearts and is so close to us, why are we ignorant of his presence? This is so because the contraptions we call body are driven by the power of maya, the universal ignorance or illusion by virtue of which we consider the unreal universe as real and distinct from the Supreme Spirit. So this physical mechanism is a grave impediment and it takes us round endlessly through one birth after another. Where, then, can we find shelter or refuge?


“Seek refuge with all your heart, O Bharat,
in that God by whose grace you will attain to repose and the everlasting, ultimate bliss.”

Finally Yogeshwar Krishn concludes:

“I give you my sincere pledge, because you are so dear to me, that you must attain to me if you keep me in mind, adore me, worship me, and bow in obeisance to me.”

Arjun was exhorted earlier to seek refuge in the God that dwells in the realm of the heart. And now he is prompted to find shelter under Sri Krishn. He is also told that in order to find this sanctuary he has to listen again to the Lord’s most esoteric words. Doesn’t Sri Krishn intend to communicate by this that finding shelter under a noble teacher-preceptor is indispensable for the seeker who has taken to the spiritual path? Sri Krishn, a Yogeshwar, then enlightens Arjun on the way of true self-surrender.

“Grieve not, for l shall free you from all sins if you abandon all other obligations (dharm) and seek refuge in me alone.”

Arjun is counselled that he has to rid himself of concern about what category of doer he is, whether Brahmin or Kshatriya or Vaishya or Shudr, and look for shelter under Sri Krishn alone. By doing so he will be absolved of all iniquities and afflictions. I am of opinion that Silence always leads to eternal silence.When your mind and senses get totally restrained, there is no way out except to reach to the stage of stillness in total silence.And beloved waits there….waits for your final merger so that silence may ever last as infinite eternal silence.You exist no more and identity gets lost forever.

Drop drops in ocean and gets named as ocean.
Oneness….only oneness exists.

Humble Wishes.

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