Fire is a symbol of God’s radiance as day is of knowledge……!!!

Fire is a symbol of God’s radiance as day is of knowledge.
The bright half of a lunar month stands for purity.
The six virtues of discrimination, renunciation, restraint, tranquility, courage and intellect
the six months of the ascendant motion of the sun.
The state of upward motion is the progress of the sun to the north of the equator.
Enlightened by knowledge of the reality which is quite beyond nature,
sages attain to God
they are then not reborn.

That Soul is yet far removed from God who departs from the body
when the sacred fire of his yagya is smothered by smoke,
when the night of ignorance prevails,
when the moon is waning in the dark half of a month,
when gloom prevails on all sides
the outward-looking mind is infested with
the six vices
passion, wrath, greed, delusion, vanity and malice;
he is reborn.

~Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans.©

Humble Wishes.

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