Who surely achieves total oneness with God……..???

The man who finally,
that is,
when he has perfect control over his mind
when even this mind is dissolved,
severs his relationship with the body and departs from it
with remembrance of Him,
surely achieves total oneness with God.

Death of the body is not the final end,
for the succession of bodies continues even after death.

It is only when the last crust
earned merits or demerits (sanskar) has disintegrated,
and so also the restrained mind along with it,
that the final end comes,
and after that the Soul does not have to assume a new body.

But this is a process of action
it cannot be rendered comprehensible by just words.

As long as the transfer from one body to another,
like a change of clothes,….. persists,
there is no real end of the physical person.

But even while the body is yet alive,
with control of the mind and dissolution
the restrained mind itself,
physical relationships are sundered.

If this state were possible after the event of death,
any one could not be perfect.
Only by worship carried on through innumerable births
does a sage gain identity with him.

The worshiper then dwells in him and he in the worshiper.

There is then not even the least distance between them.
But this achievement is made during a physical life.

When the Soul does not have to assume a new body……..
that is the real end of the physical body.

This is a portrayal of real death after which there is no rebirth.

At the other end there is physical death
which the world accepts as death,
but after which the Soul has to be born again.

~Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhams.©

Humble Wishes.

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